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drunken entry, the first
2004-02-05 | 12:55 a.m.

This is a special moment, folks: my first drunken entry. I should probably write some sort of disclaimer first, but in my current inebriated state, I simply can't produce a sufficient amount of legalese to withstand sober scrutiny. So, I'll just skip it.

Before I record the not so very special happenings of my day, let me just say that the reason I try to memorialize these weeks on calendar is because, despite my constant bitching about my work, I know that this is the best damn job I'll likely ever have. It's a career shaper. And it's going by so damn fast. The year is going to be over before I know it, and I'll soon be knee deep in the drudgery that is the daily practice of law. So, in an effort to preserve the experience, I write what I can about my days. Although, because of obvious confidentiality concerns, I can't really write here what my work days consist of, I'm hoping to write enough of the usual and customary trappings that accompany my work day to remind me of what I was doing back when I had the best legal job to be had.

So, two of my cases were heard today. The powers that be agreed wholly with one of my recommendations. On the other case, the other two judges bought my reasoning, but I have some work before me in order to convince my own judge that I'm right on this. And I am, in case you're wondering. I really don't know how I ended up working for a judge that's more liberal than I am. Or maybe it's just that I'm much more conservative than I give myself credit for. In any case, I know I'm right on this one - now I just have to convince my judge of that. I was hoping for some easy dispositions, but instead it looks as if I'm going to have to make these publishable. Damn, this whole making of the law thing wears thin.

MM and I cut out early this afternoon to get our art fix. The museum is only two blocks from the courthouse and it has a really impressive collection. I wandered about for about two hours, gazing, appreciating.. I can lose myself in art museums and bookstores.

MM, the Judge, and I went to dinner together, as it's our last night here. Some fru-fru lemony martini is what launched the evening's drunken debauchery. Then the judge bought a really good, but really expensive bottle of wine. And you know, it would of just been bad form to say no. So, a fru-fru lemon martini, several glasses of great wine, an excellent dinner, and a dessert called Midnight Fantasy made for a gluttonous feast.

The Judge always ends up buying out alcohol. It's not fair, really, but he won't have it otherwise.

Another judge said something about cultivating small fields today that got me thinking, but I really should reserve any deep philosophical thoughts for some time when I'm sober.

I've also been thinking about the fact that I really need to start looking for a post-clerkship job. It's time to decide on a career path - do I want to practice in a private law firm, or do I want to work in the public sector? This, too, however, requires more mental acuity than I'm able to muster tonight. So, I'll reserve these musing for some other time.

I guess I've said everything I wanted to - or at least everything I was capable of given the larger than usual amounts of alcohol I've consumed tonight. Tomorrow I head back home. For now, I need to head to bed.



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