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2004-02-03 | 10:31 p.m.

Work was uneventful. None of my cases were argued today. So I was able to tune out the unimressive oratory, and daydream instead. Really, a much better use of my time than listening to ineffective and poorly delivered arguments. It's supposed to be an interactive dialouge between you and the court, asshole, not a sermon or a speech. If any appellate lawyers happen to read this little corner of the web, please take heed.

In the afternoon, I was finally able to get some work done, but not until I took a personal moment, as I wrote about previously.

After work, Jeff picked me up at the hotel and we met Laura for dinner. It was great to see both of them again. Jeff has sold his soul to The Firm. The proof of his now soul-less existence is that he is driving a new Lexus complete with leather interior, sun roof, and this amazing computer navigation system that gives you step by step directions to wherever you're going. It was sooooo cool. I wanna sell my soul too if it means I can have nifty toys like Jeff does.

He seems torn about lawfirm life. The hours are long, the work more administrative than legal, and the coworkers are all equally unhappy. I don't imagine that he'll stay there more than a few years.

I've yet to meet a young associate who loves their Big Firm job. This does not bode well.

Career crisis aside, dinner was fantastic -- great Japanese food. Then, after dinner, I went to see their new house. It's perfect for them.

They seem to be settling in nicely despite the less than ideal work conditions for Jeff. It was wonderful to see them. I've really missed Jeff I was pretty damn lucky to get him as a partner in crime, (partner in justice just doesn't sound as cool), for my first clerkship. I wish him all the best.

By the way, Monday's disclaimer is still in effect. IThere's more I need to say tonight, but this terrble hotel access makes it too difficult.

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