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2004-01-24 | 4:04 p.m.

Iíd love to be able to say that itís been the whirlwind wonderfulness of my brilliant life thatís kept me from here for a few days. But, that would be exaggerating the truth beyond recognition. Really, itís just been more of the same . . . too much work to possibly get done when the universe insists on only allowing us 24 hours to a day.

Sleep has been a rare commodity these days. Iíve been lucky to get 3 or 4 hours a night for too many nights in a row. My body and mind finally threw in the towel this morning, and simply did not allow me to regain consciousness until I had slept for nearly 12 hours. Twelve hours!!! It was bliss.

Iíve completed two bench memos, and I should be able to wrap up another one today. I still have one more to do, hopefully by Monday. So the weekend is pretty much shot.

Not all has been work, though. The judge hosted his annual law clerk reunion last night here in chambers, so I was able to meet the clerks from years past, while enjoying a much needed break from work and a couple of much needed beers. Everyone I met asked me what I was going to do after my clerkship. I felt as if I was failing a third grade spelling test every time I had to answer that I didnít know yet. Shit. I really have to get this damn job search underway. Next month. My plate canít handle anything else right now.

After enjoying a few drinks and suffering through the same question at least a dozen times, I gave up the idea of getting any more work done and headed home. I couldnít get right to sleep, so instead I watched ďBend It Like Beckham.Ē I know, I know. Just about everyone on the planet saw it, loved it, and forgot about it last year. So Iím a little behind the curve on this one. It was perfect, though . . . exactly the feel-good type of mind candy that I needed after this hellish week.

Today I slept until nearly noon. Bliss. Then I had lunch with the family, who I hadnít seen since last weekend due to the 14+ hour work days. Carissa is getting her room painted today and decorated a la Disney Princesses. Sheís thrilled. Mom and Yesenia are doing the painting. I wish I could help. In fact, Iíd rather be doing just about anything this weekend other than working . . . again. *sigh*

MM is working today too, which would normally make me feel better about being in the office on a Saturday, but sheís in a pissy mood, so Iím staying clear. Part of her bad mood is because she finally got around to watching Bushís State of the Union address. Although I didnít watch because I was working, I did read most of the transcript. Itís enough to put anyone in a snarky frame of mind. The other reason for her black mood is the impending threat of a Valentineís Day spent alone. Ugh. Did she really have to remind me?

On that depressing note, I think Iíll go get some work done.


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