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2004-01-19 | 8:36 p.m.

1. de nada

2. hey, Iím all for contemplating the ridiculous if itíll get you what you want and you want it badly enough; but I still contend, despite the fact that blue is a very nice color, such extremes are likely unnecessary.

3. ditto.

4. again, I stand by my earlier assessment that Charlie Brown can be pretty damn sexy; add to that your willingness to play dirty if necessary and youíre golden. but I should caution, it usually takes women some time to figure this out . . . eventually, though, Lucy will come to her senses.

5. this list thing is kinda fun.

* * *

So, apparently my libido is still functioning, despite the fact that I was beginning to wonder if Iím really the legal worldís equivalent of a drone. Itís all too easy to allow the daily drudgery to blur one day into weeks, months, years and lifetimes, and to, thus, forget that life is what happens outside of these walls.

But, thanks be to the gods for the wonderfully sweaty man at Starbuckís who snapped me out of my work-clouded sameness with the unexpected reaction of arousal and reminded me that there is life beyond the four walls of my office.

And, once I thought about it, there were dozens of rays of life that poured into an otherwise dreary work day . . . the sharp taste of the morningís first coffee, appreciating the look of my new lipgloss, a traffic-free drive into work, the laughter brought on by an amusing visual image in blue, an interesting discussion of unanswerable questions, the uncontrollable giggles of a little girl, a wave and charming smile from a little blue eyed boy, and, yes, the wonderfully sexy smell of a man whoís just come from his evening workout. Itís the little things that can take my day from ordinary to extraordinary, if only I take the time to appreciate them.

~ Jess.

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