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bada bing, baby
2004-01-19 | 1:07 p.m.

The weekend involved more work than I would have liked, but less than it should have.

I did go see “Monster” with MM Saturday night. The movie was at once disturbing and heartbreaking. Charlize Theron manages to portray a character that you both revile and feel sympathy for. It’s an excellent movie, although not an easy one to watch.

Sunday was spent doing some necessary shopping, waiting around for Carissa’s jackass father to bring her home, and (finally) going to Steph’s for Liliana’s birthday party. Liliana is 4, going on 14. She tells her dad: “So, dad, let me get this straight. You like mom and you’re friends with her, but you don’t love her anymore.” What?!?! From a 4 year old. Then, when he tries to feed her his typical BS, she tells him “Bada bing, baby.” Loosely translated, I think that means, “whatever, dad.”

Carissa’s father is being a first rate asshole. He’s an asswipe, even if you put aside the way he treats Yesenia (let me just say, if anyone ever spoke to me that way, the phone would have half way up his ass before he realized the conversation had been terminated.) Worse, though, he takes Carissa out of town to where his child molesting uncle resides, and he doesn’t seem to see the inherent problem with bringing his daughter within 100 feet of a convicted pedophile. No, he says, she’s with me, I don’t leave her alone, he’d never hurt her anyway . . . what?!?! She’s your daughter . . . why in the hell would you even roll that particular dice? At least this weekend’s idiocy has convinced Yesenia that she needs to arrange custody through the court, so that she can assure that he keeps Carissa away from the uncle. I’ll be filing the papers for her this week.

Sometimes, being a lawyer is handy.

And, although both Liliana and Carissa are precious little girls who bring light and laughter and love into this world, their respective fathers have reminded me of something that I’ve been meaning to say to woman-kind: please, can we try to be a little more selective about who we accept sperm from? Thanks, ladies.


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