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a little common sense, please
2004-01-16 | 11:20 a.m.

Ahhhh. Finally a full 8 hoursí worth of sleep. Iím feeling much more human this morning.

And, Iím finally done bitch-slapping misbehaving prison guards. The mighty sword of the law has been put back in my scabbard. Can you tell that Iím feeling a bit like Lady Justice today? Watch out world.

I wonder, sometimes, how some lawyers made it through law school and a bar exam. Really, I suspect that the brief Iím currently reading was written by a fourth grader in an ESL class. But, no, the initials after the signature clearly read ďEsq.Ē How can that possibly be?

And perhaps Iíd be more inclined to overlook the adolescent writing style, abhorrent grammar, and hit-n-miss punctuation, if only Mr. Esq could have figured out how to justify his brief along the left margin. Instead, his writing masterpiece is centered down the middle of every page. Next time, Mr. Esq, left-justify your piece of shit brief, and then maybe your clients would have a snow ballís chance in hell of avoiding a-swift-kick-in-the-ass style deportation!

Speaking of idiots, this young man wins todayís Dumb Ass Criminal Award. Hey, buddy, hereís a little bit of free legal advice: next time, leave the baggie of weed at home when you go to the courthouse to answer for your last set of drug charges. Apparently common sense isnít that common after all.


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