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anything for sleep and some trust
2004-01-14 | 11:13 p.m.

As far as legal jobs go, they donít get much better than mine. Iím working for a nationally respected appellate judge. I get to work on a wide spectrum of (generally) interesting legal issues. I have the opportunity to influence (if even to a small degree) the formation of law. And, this job will look damn good on a resume.

So, I really canít complain about the occasional periods of utter chaos that are visited upon me. But I donít have to like them. This makes the third night in a row that Iím in the office in the middle of the damn night. Iím not going to whine about it again . . . Iím only going to say that night should be for sleeping, not working and Iíve gotten to the point on the sleep deprivation scale that Iíd be willing to do just about anything for six or so hours worth of shut eye. I should probably be worried that such a heightened level of desperation leaves me vulnerable to do things that I otherwise wouldnít if only promised a soft pillow afterwards. But Iím too tired to muster up much concern. So, if you must, take advantage, but please, someone have mercy and let me sleep in tomorrow.

Ok, thatís all. The daily whine is over.

This picture was in todayís paper. I donít mention it simply to inspire green spurts of jealously in all of you locked in the cold grip of winter. No, itís the picture that grabbed me. Isnít that the very essence of trust? I loved it. There arenít too many people in this world that I trust so completely as that little boy does his grandfather. Those people who you just know will catch you no matter what are hard to come by. Hereís hopping everyone has at least one . . .


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