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i wanna be maxine
2004-01-13 | 6:41 p.m.

Thanks to jorod74 for his take on prisoner rehabilitation. That was exactly the entertaining intermission I needed as I face another late night at the office.

And, finally, a lawyer that I can strive to emulate. I want to be Maxine Ė kick ass rep, well earned scars and all.

Mostly, though, I think I want her big, blue man. Well, what do you expect? I work too many damn hours to actually be able to get out there and meet real men. So, until I have the time to have something akin to a social life, Iím afraid that six foot tall blue punching dummies with strap ons is as good as itís gonna get for me.

Anyway, thanks jorod74 for the read. I enjoyed it.

In other news . . . well, there isnít any other news. Just more work. But Iím sure no one wants to hear about that again . . . at least until Iím working on something other than the indecent exposures of prison guards.

Iím staring a deadline in the face, though. So, even if it means an all-nighter like the ones we used to pull in undergrad (egads, Iím much too old for one of those!), this opinion will have to be done by tomorrow, and Iíll get to move on to the joys of immigration law . . . ahhhh, nothing like sending a hopeful immigrant back to the godforsaken place from hence theyíve come.

Until then, go in peace.


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