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my computer does the exorcist and peter pan has an orgasm
2004-01-12 | 8:30 p.m.

The weekend turned out to be not as productive as I would have liked. Both the computer at home and the one at work decided to grace me with their renditions of The Exorcist. Demon-possessed-head-spinning-mouth-foaming-eye-rolling jolly good times were had by all.

After determining that whatever was making my computerís head spin was far beyond my barely literate computer skills, I called it quits and went to see this. We took the two year old, as yet another perk to her using the bathroom to do her business twice in one week. Apparently, bribery is a highly effective tool in a parentís arsenal. Personally, I donít remember being the happy recipient of parental bribes. But my mom has always said I was a good kid. Well, damn. If I would have known that she would have been willing to bribe me, I could have misbehaved every now and then. Think of all the loot I missed out on!

Anyway, the movie . . . let me just say that itís a highly sexualized version of Peter Pan. Iím not saying it was bad. Itís a great story, it was well acted, I loved that they had actual kids in the kidsí roles (imagine that) and the two year old loved it. All Iím saying is that I donít remember ever reading about Peterís orgasm, yet you couldnít mistake his reaction to Wendyís kiss during the last fight scene with Hook as anything else. But, as far as orgasms go, well letís just say that Peterís orgasmic bliss earned a clap and a happy dance from the two year old. The adults didnít clap . . . but we were all happy-danciní in our heads. Again, good times were had by all.

So, the computer demons this weekend means Iím working late tonight (and probably the rest of the week, as well). The wonderful IT folks were able to exorcize the demons from my computer this morning. Iím taking a short dinner break and Iím drinking my venti mocha with three shots of espresso . . . I should be all set for a late night . . . just as soon as I finish updating. I do have my priorities, after all.

MM sent me this article today. Damn, the skies becoming decidedly unfriendly these days. Road trip, anyone?

In other news, I tallied the holiday damage this weekend, and I was up a few pounds. Damn. I need to get back to the gym. Soon.

These interminable work hours donít help, either. Not only do I not have time for the gym, but I seem to want to eat my way through the 14 hour work days. Itís a phenomenon, limited almost exclusively to the female population, known as stress-eating. Why canít I be one of those women who canít eat a thing when theyíre upset?

Well, I suppose Iíve rambled unintelligibly long enough. The three shots of espresso are kickiní in and Iím ready to take on dumb-ass prison guards and their exposed penises! (If you really want to know, you can see the last entry.)

Before I go dazzle the world with my legal prowess, I wanted to shout out a ďgraciasĒ to pura-vida for adding me to her faves and for the great Machado quote. Iím not sure how his poetry translates, but, even if you have to do it in English, go have a read Ė his poetry has a way of sticking to your ribs. A belated thanks to jorod74 and discodave as well. Both of you give really good reading.


Final Note: Can I just say how pleased I am with myself for getting those links right? I've already confessed to bordering on the technically retarded, so this was a big accomplishment. Kudos to me . . . from me!

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