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a perfect day outside my window
2004-01-10 | 4:30 p.m.

Days like today is why people live here. A clear, blue sky, light breeze, and a perfect 78 degrees. Roughly speaking, from what I can tell by gazing longingly out my office window.

I don’t actually get the pleasure of enjoying this beautiful day first hand. Instead, my Saturday plans are confined to my computer, a shelf full of case reporters, and an opinion waiting to happen.

Oh, but fret not, I’m in for a rollicking good time explaining why the morons who guard the idiots who end up in prison cannot go about exposing their penises to the half-wits on the other side of the bars and then retaliate against them for reporting their dim-witted behavior to the imbeciles further up the food chain. As you can tell, my opinion of correctional officers is rather low at the moment. Really, though, is it too much to ask to at least be able to differentiate between the guards and the guarded?

The weekend isn’t a complete loss. I did enjoy a lovely dinner with la familia last night. As we waited for our table, Carissa started playing with another little girl whose family was also waiting to be seated. (Have you ever noticed how quickly children can strike up friendships? When do we lose that ability?)

Anyway, before long we were chatting with the girl’s family. They were celebrating the grandmother’s birthday and the fact that her cancer was in remission. She flipped up her wig to show off the new stubble of hair growth on her head. And she showed us that her toe nails had grown back. She had them painted bright pink. Obviously, they had a lot to be happy about and weren’t shy about sharing. Good for them. Really. There’s so much I take for granted, when I should be damn thankful.

So, the bald, pink-toed grandmother was (understandably) happy and chatty. But her husband was an odd duck. He looked a bit like Ozzy Osborne – long, greasy hair, blank stare. Very odd. But chatting with them made the hour wait go by faster. I hope they enjoyed their celebratory dinner.

Have I mentioned lately how completely adorable my niece is? She’s walking like a pro now. And I she’s well on her way to a musical career as a drummer. I couldn’t find a spoon to stir my coffee with this morning because she’s enlisted every spoon we own for her musical pleasure – pounded against table tops, the floor, the window, her cousin’s head – it’s all sweet music to her. So I resorted to stirring my coffee with the back end of a fork.

Not to be outdone, Carissa had a stellar week by (finally) consenting to shit in the toilet. It earned her a princess crown and a sticker book. Since when did the bathroom habits of a two year old become a high point of my week? Gods, I need to get out and buy myself a life.

Before I go see what real lives are going for these days, I want to shout out a heartfelt thank you to tattodnanny, nixtress, and golfwidow for the D’land love this week – a golden thong, a compliment acknowledged, and flowers. Thanks, ladies.


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