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duty calls
2004-01-07 | 5:06 p.m.

Iím at work, but not exactly working. Itís this damn cold, you see. The head feels as if itís set to implode any minute now, the eyes are burning, the nose is leaking, and, to round things out, the hacking cough has recently put in an appearance. I made a run to the drug store at lunch. Although the meds have slightly reduced the pressure in my skull, cold medicine does not make for lucid legal analysis.

But, as youíve probably learned by now, my journal entries do not necessarily require either a sharp mind or a quick wit. Incoherent ramblings will do just fine. So, yes, your tax dollars are being put to good use here at Diaryland.

Two unproductive days in a row, however, do not bode well for my ability to enjoy a work-free weekend. I have two opinions and four bench memos to write in the next 2 Ĺ weeks. No, I donít think Iíll be languishing in free time in the foreseeable future.

But far be it from me to allow an unrelenting cold, mind-fogging medications, or the demands of an ever increasing in-box to keep me from offering moral support to the lovelorn. To Yeseniaís rescue I will come this evening, armed with rocky road ice cream, assorted chocolates, and ample supplies of alcoholic beverages. And, no, itís not hedonistic debauchery that awaits me this evening, but, rather, a weighty familial duty. Really, Iím expecting to receive no enjoyment from the free-flowing chocolate and wine. This cheering up the bereft is serious business, I tell you!

The downside of a sugar high in combination with a hangover is probably going to result in yet another unproductive day tomorrow. So before we drown Yeseniaís sorrows in chocolate and wine, I really should get some work done.



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